I am a multidisciplinary artist currently completing a Masters of Design at Concordia University (Montreal). My thesis explores our site specific relationship with the built environment, narratives, emotions, and challenges what informs what we “see” vs don’t “see”.

My work explores how our relationship with the social and material spheres of the world impact the well-being of us as individuals, of our communities, and of the environment. I use craft, illustrations, performance, writing, movement, playful interventions, and more recently electronics in my practice. 

Humour and play are important threads that run through my practice irregardless of the medium being used. Laughter makes information, that once was avoided, accessible. My honeybee work, specifically Bee Cabaret (2017) and #flylittlehoneybee (2018), one a performance and the other a series of interactive illustrations, illustrate my use of humour to capture the audiences/participants attention and draw connections between the fragility of the life of a honeybee, our current state on this planet, and the environment as a whole.

Using performativity and embodiment I explore whether or not an intimacy can be felt during the production of Metro Intimacy. This piece is a reflective documentation of how we relate the material spaces within our cities, specifically those points of transition, in the case of Metro Intimacy that being Saint Laurent Metro Station (Montreal, Canada). The piece documents a very intimate experience between a human (myself) and a metro station, challenging us, humans, to explore whether we can find connections to built spaces beyond their intended functionality.

Speaking of our relationship with materials, TUBEDJewelry calls to question why humans label certain materials “waste” and others not, and how this can impact the health of the environment, through over-consumptions, and how we can shift this dynamic through designing “waste” into a position of value, ie. the creation of jewelry and other “precious” items out of it.

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